A Small Emotional Spark Creates a Big Impact

The History of ARC

ARC began with the small hopes of one man and his big heart for animals!  In 1999, Albert (Eggie) Gregorowicz was concerned about the number of animals that were neglected and homeless in our small, rural area.  He did not sit back and be sad, he did something.   Al knew one person could do something, but to make an impact, he would need reinforcements.  So, he put an add in the Press Enterprise hoping like-minded people would meet with him at the Bloom YMCA to see how they could help.  That meeting was held in early 2000.    From a spark came a fire!

Many people met him that day and ARC began.  Some of the people at that meeting are still with ARC today! First  only foster homes were used.  Then, as non-profit paperwork was approved and small donations came in, boarding kennels were used as well.  As ARC grew and gained financial stability, the soon bought our own kennels and started our own physical"shelter".  Beginning with one employee, then two, and three as the need grew and financial support allowed.

ARC began being featured in local papers for their efforts which gained the attention of a generous family who had something that could be of great value to ARC - 20 acres of beautiful, secluded property!  Chuck and Rhonda Stitz signed over thier property to ARC, but it would take a few more years for ARC to raise enough money to clear the land and road and transfer their small, 8 kennel building and two sheds to this new location and begin building plans.

We're not sure how we can ever thank them!  Hopefully hearing the stories of ARC's successes with animals brings them an unending sense of pride - for we (and the thousands of animals since) are not sure where we would be without their generosity!

In 2008, ARC began widening the small dirt road and clearing the field that was surrounded by serene forest. This would be ARC's new safe haven. See the photo history below.

As you can see, ARC's shelter has grown considerably since 2008. Our current capacity is about 30 dogs and 60+ cats . We are almost always functioning at full capacity!  We now have 11 employees who care for our animals twice a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It is their love and compassion that turns scared, timid animals into bright eyed, tail wagging bundles of joy and appreciation.  We couldn't ask for a more devoted staff!

Unfortunately, our founder Al passed away in 2010.  He was only able to share in the joy of our first small building on our newly owned property.  Maybe that's all that he needed to see to know that he made a difference in the world, in the lives of animals, and in the lives of us who carry his torch. From a spark came a flame and it burns brighter every day!


ARC began with the small hopes of one man and his big heart for animals!  Albert (Egg) Gregorowicz

Make a difference like Al, Chuck,  Rhonda and our other welcoming volunteers!  Click below to get details about our monthly Community Involvement meeting!

Before and After Stories

Mishu Before

Soon we will show Mishu "after" pics!

Soon we will show Mishu "after" pics!


Mishu entered ARC with 7 other dogs from the same home.  All had fleas, but poor Mishu was in the worst shape of all 8 dogs.  She had severe fur loss due to excessive fleas and she appeared to have had many litters even though she was only about 3 yrs old.  This was no surprise since none of the 9 total dogs in the trailer were spayed or neutered!

Soon we will show Mishu "after" pics!

Soon we will show Mishu "after" pics!

Soon we will show Mishu "after" pics!


Even though sweet, little Mishu was the last of the 8 dogs to be adopted, she sure hit the jackpot!

Mishu was adopted in early March by a lovely retired couple on a country acreage that Mishu loves to explore.  She also has a canine bother who is happy to share the couch with her!

As you can see, Mishu gained almost all of her fur back as of her adoption day and now sports a healthy, brindle coat!

Before and After

Dixon, Day of Arrival

Dixon completely healed and seeing a new world!

Dixon completely healed and seeing a new world!


Dixon entered looking defeated.  He had bite wounds & loss of fur due to flea infestation.  The next few days staff had to pull him & force him to go outside to pee.  We don't think he has been allowed outside in a long time! He was 1 of 8 intact dogs from the same home that was surrendered due to eviction.  

 It was the best thing that ever happened to him, until...

Dixon completely healed and seeing a new world!

Dixon completely healed and seeing a new world!

Dixon completely healed and seeing a new world!


Dixon came out of his shell a little more each day.  He started to trust & love.  Dixon was quickly adopted and now has a wonderful home with a forever Momma, Poppa, & canine and feline siblings he loves! 

Dixon on his first off leash hike with 2 of his canine siblings.  

He didn't know what to make of the rough terain at first, but soon enjoyed exploring and fetching sticks in the delicious, refreshing creek!


Future Plans

During the month of March, 2020, ARC volunteers took apart the 10 yr old play yard due to rust on the bottom horizontal bars that posed a threat to the dogs feet and would also be an inspection issue.  Suburban Fence came to reinstall the fence, but on the night prior to the last day of construction, the Covid shutdown hit!

Fortunately, since construction had already begun, they were allowed to finish, but this caused a 3 week delay. Better late than never though!  ARC was able to reuse most of the old fencing, saving us a bundle!   

If we survive the cancellation of months of fundraisers. the next project ARC had planned on completing was the building of a new, larger, and improved Cat House!  Please DONATE to help us keep our doors open and maybe even continue with our future plans!